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As Sabah have some of the oldest forest in the world, there is little wonder that we have some of the best trekking trails. It has everything, from the tallest known tropical tree in the world (100.8 meters tall) to strange insects and exotic animals, fast flowing rivers, ferns as tall as 3-storey houses, an amazing array of flora and fauna, including insect-eating plants, the largest flower in the world, an iconic mountain, the untouched jungle of Sabah's Lost World with its amazing multi-tiered waterfalls, and more. We have tiny villages with unmatched hospitality in the middle of nowhere, paddy fields spread over the horizon as far as the eyes could see, swaying (but absolutely safe!) hanging bridges, hot humid jungle nearer the sea to freezing temperatures up in the mountains, and the list goes on and on.

There are trekking trails suitable for anyone and everyone, children and adults, amateurs and serious trekking enthusiasts. There are treats for nature lovers as well as scientists and photographers and film makers. Simply put - it's nature at its very best! 

To top it all up, combine all these with some authentic Bornean survival techniques from our trek/survival guides, diverse culture, amazing food and unmatched hospitality from the locals, you get the very best of the best!

Do click at some of our trips on the left side of this page. Some of these trails can be done in reverse and some can be done in shorter or longer number of days. Please do get in touch with us if you need further info.

Note : Some of the links are still under construction, so please do send us an email for further queries.


A few pix from our treks

Mt Kinabalu 3D2N
Mt Tambayukon 4D3N
Three Peaks 9D8N
Tudan Kiulu 4D3N
Tudan Kiulu 5D4N

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