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With its amazing forest, unique flora, fauna and marine life as well as being a perfect place for adventure, Borneo is a dream location to come to for production companies.

Fieldskills Adventures enjoys a close working relationship with a few Malaysian Production companies. Together we set up adventure, wildlife & nature, jungle and survival shoots, recreational & sports activities, for international production companies filming in Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia.


Over the last 2 decades, we have corroborated with filming companies and assisted in productions for organisations such as the BBC, Disney, Discovery, ITV, Endemol, Tigress, RDF, ABC, Network Nine and many more. We work closely with Production companies  to handle all logistics for their specialised requirements filming in and around the incredibly diverse wilds of Borneo.

We are also in partnership with our sister company Ropeskills Rigging Sdn Bhd ( who have vast experience in getting your film crew and presenter to exactly where they need to be – high in the canopy, in the roof of caves, hanging from a bridge or out of a helicopter. All the riggers are qualified to ARAA standards and more. Because of our experiences and qualifications, we quite easily get the best deals from the local providers and handlers.

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