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Due to an increasing demand for mountain bike tours Fieldskills have spawned their sister company Bike Borneo | Cycling Tours In Borneo. With this branding comes a fully equipped outfit of professional cycle guides, certified by the BICP (USA), all dedicated to providing the best mountain bike tours in Sabah, bar none. Click on the tours below to see a few of our popular tours. However, if you wish to organise a customised itinerary, which we have done many many times already, please do get in touch, we will be more than happy to listen.

What better way to see parts of Sabah that are otherwise unseen by most - beautiful streams and rivers, tiny villages, wobbly hanging bridges, crazy downhills, rubber and pineapple plantations, rice fields with water buffaloes, amazing single track trails, village elderlies and kids smiling and waving at us, and more.

If you wish to combine our bike tours with our other products, e.g. a trek, then we can organise that for you. Or you can pick any of our other tours and combine them with our bike tours, or pick our bike tours and incorporate them with your other activities - making these multi-activity tours. Simply let us know and we'll try help you sort it out.

A few photos /video from our bike tours. More pix & videos in the main Gallery.

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