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Like all RA exercises, we identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm; we analyse and evaluate the risk associated with these hazards, and we determine and suggest appropriate ways to eliminate (or reduce to an accepted industry level) the hazard, or control the risk when the hazards cannot be eliminated. It usually takes a third party to do these exercises for you and Fieldskills Training are able to conduct them to the highest standards. Depending on the size of your businesses or premises, these may take anything between a couple of days to a few weeks to complete. Clients can then use our RAs to improve the overall Health & Safety in their businesses or premises, and this will in turn improve their revenue and profit due to clients' confidence. Many organisations will use this as a guide for them to attend ISO and other regulative certifications. These exercises are based on guidelines set by the government and other authorities such as DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety & Health).

These RA exercises are also highly recommended for 

recreational clubs (i.e. Golf clubs, Yacht clubs, Sports 

clubs, parks and premises), NGO's, and even

government organisations and departments, schools 

and colleges, and more, to help reduce (minimise) risks 

of possible legal implications and ramifications.

Therefore, it is not just for profit-making organisations.  


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