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Our forest safety courses are developed from years of experience working in the outdoors and planning and leading a huge range of expeditions, fieldwork and projects. They are focused on giving the people the skills and awareness for safe and successful trips to the forest, whether for work or leisure. 

Topics covered include Medical (illnesses, basic first aid, jungle health & hygiene, water purification, and more), the common Environmental Hazards (flora, fauna, rivers, etc), Navigation, signaling and communications, and Emergencies (lost procedure, survival priorities, basic equipment).

Suitable for:

  • Leaders and instructors

  • Students and teachers

  • Scientists, researchers, wildlife rangers

  • Expeditioners

  • Fieldworkers

  • Tour and mountain guides

  • Nature lovers

  • Film makers

At the end of the course participants will get a comprehensive Tropical Forest Safety booklet.


RM300 per participant (if conducted in KK district)

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