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Our Search & Rescue courses are perfect for a wide range of people. The course contents are formulated based on many many years of expeditions, researches and proven, trusted and internationally accepted protocols and guidelines. As long as you are involved in some form of remote outdoor jobs and activities, this is one of the most practical courses one should consider taking. You will learn the most basic and most commonly used Search & Rescue techniques used by very professional S&R Teams any where, may it be searching for a missing 747 jumbo jet or a missing research scientist in the dense jungle of Borneo or a missing fisherman on the Kinabatangan river, or helping out someone who is missing her wedding ring on the front lawn!

In this course we will cover sessions on how we Plan a S&R exercise, how we

Coordinate and Manage a S&R, the Direction of the S&R, the different S&R

Techniques that are commonly used, Communicationsthe Paperwork required,

Evacuation Protocols and Guidelines, utilisation of Resources and Assets, the Legal 

aspectsand more.

Suitable for:

  • Leaders and instructors

  • Students and teachers

  • Scientists, researchers and fieldworkers

  • Expeditioners

  • Wildlife rangers and rescue units

  • Tour and mountain guides

  • Nature lovers

  • Remote resorts, lodges and villagers

  • Mountain climbers

  • Film makers and nature photographers

  • Farmers

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