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This 2 day course is suitable for those who work in the outdoor industry or for people who regularly visit remote locations or those who need to know more through more detailed sessions, and may have to deal with first aid incidents when far from emergency services, for instance at a lodge on the Kinabatangan River or a Research Centre in Danum Valley, and of course those working at a construction site in the city or at a factory or even a normal office that is a little far from immediate professional medical help. The course covers quite an extensive topics. As usual, it is provided through practical training and hands-on scenarios.

Course Content:

          DAY 1

  • Introduction to Course and Principles of First Aid

  • Vital Signs - the most basics that all medical practices are based on

  • Accident Procedure - simple-to-follow steps on how to handle a stressful emergency situation 

  • Casualty Monitoring - how to care for a casualty before the medics arrive/we get to a hospital 

  • Safe Airway Procedures

  • Incident Management Scenario – Safe Airway Position

  • CPR - all possible scenarios

  • Choking

  • Bleeding and Shock

  • Incident Management Scenario – Injured and Bleeding

  • Minor Injuries

  • Summary & Plan for the next day

  • Practical CPR assessment

          DAY 2

  • Day 1 Review

  • Soft Tissue, Bone and Joint Injuries to the Limbs

  • Incident Management Scenario – Unconscious with Damaged Limb (splinting)

  • Head Injuries including Eyes

  • Neck and Spinal Injuries and Casualty Handling (Team Log Roll)

  • Outdoor Scenario

  • Common Illnesses (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heat illness and a few others)

  • Bites, Stings and Anaphylaxis

  • Outdoor Scenario – snakebite

  • Outdoor Scenario – team incidents and triage and stretcher carrying

  • Written assessment

  • Summary including Post Traumatic Stress

What to expect and what to bring:

All Fieldskills courses involve some practical elements. On our Outdoor/Remote First Aid course, will include some bending and lifting inside the classroom, outdoor scenarios in a jungle nearby or at a construction site, and you will be exposed to the elements such as rough and remote terrains, insects or other animals, the weather and more. Participants are reminded of the importance of operating within their abilities and informing Fieldskills of any medical or other issues which may affect their active participation.


This course is a combination of teaching and hands on practical sessions. If you are unable to take part in activities such as kneeling, being rolled over as a simulated casualty or simulated CPR on manikins or walk through dense forest while stretcher-carrying a casualty, please do let us know.  


For the purpose of certification please bring an identification, for example, your IC/MyKad or passport.  


RM600 per participant (if conducted in KK district)

Contact us:
If you would like any further information, please contact us on +6 088 416 330 or email us at  

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