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Q’Lu Camp Rangalau

This purpose built child-friendly camp is located on the banks of the Kiulu River, just 45 minutes from KK city. It has a capacity to sleep 92 people in stretcher hammocks. Facilities include a fully stocked kitchen, an eating area over the river, showers and toilets, access to the river and open areas perfect for team building activities and games.

Long Pa Kou Survival Camp

This camp, just 15 minutes away from our Q'Lu Camp, is in the jungle, perfectly suitable for children as well as adults. It is very popular among students as young as 8 years old to come and experience jungle life for a night or two, and is super safe. In order to keep it as jungle as possible, we limit the facilities to only toilets and a common fireplace and nothing more. Campers put up their own hammocks between trees and wash in the river. There is plenty of room for tents. This camp is the perfect spot for learning about living safely and comfortably in the forest. The beauty of this camp is that it feels extremely remote as you are surrounded by forest. However, evacuation from camp in an emergency is quick by a vehicle.

Q'Lu Camp Rangalau, Kiulu Valley

Long Pa Kou Survival Camp, Kiulu



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