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This 1 day course covers essential first aid skills. It is designed to give anyone the knowledge and confidence to deal with a situation that requires first aid. It concentrates on core, first-on-scene skills, which are integral to all first aid. The course is provided through practical training and hands-on scenarios.

Course content:

  • Principles of First Aid

  • Vital signs

  • Accident Procedure – essential lifesaving system for assessing and treating different types of casualties

  • Safe Airway Position

  • CPR – applying the latest protocols to deal with different scenarios

  • Choking 

  • Wounds and Bleeding – dealing with minor and major bleeding and associated shock

  • A quick brush through Soft tissue injuries

  • Scenarios – throughout the day we will use scenarios to put the theory into practice

What to expect and what to bring:

All Fieldskills courses involve some practical elements. In the case of the 1-day Emergency First Aid course, this may be just some bending and lifting inside the classroom. Participants are reminded of the importance of operating within their abilities and informing Fieldskills of any medical or other issues which may affect their active participation.

This course is a combination of teaching and hands on practical sessions. If you are unable to take part in activities such as kneeling, being rolled over as a simulated casualty or other similar activities, please do let us know.


For the purpose of certification please bring an identification, for example, your IC/MyKad or passport.



RM300 per participant (if conducted in KK district) 


Contact us:

If you would like any further information, please contact us on +6 088 416 330 or email us at

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