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Our Tropical Jungle Survival Training is the offspring of our Jungle Survival Tours, Treks, First Aid, Tropical Forest Safety and Search & Rescue Courses. These survival trainings are hands-on and very practical, and they range from 1 day to detailed (and challenging!) 7-day action-packed course. These are very popular among school and university groups, scientists, rangers, guides, expeditioners, fieldworkers, outdoor instructors and more. 


On most of these training, participants will go through some rigorous practical sessions and they will be assessed. Upon completion they get a certificate. 


Suitable for:

  • Leaders and instructors

  • Students and teachers

  • Scientists, researchers, wildlife rangers

  • Expeditioners

  • Fieldworkers, surveyors, etc

  • Tour and mountain guides

  • Nature lovers

  • Film makers

Note: Please call or email us at for a quotation.

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