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Imagine this :

"A team of 8 of you are on a 10-day trekking expedition in the dense tropical rainforest of Borneo. Late afternoon on Day 4, you had to answer the call of nature, and thinking that the trail is obvious enough you asked the rest to keep moving and not wait for you. The team listened to you (a huge mistake!) and continued ahead on the trail in quite a hurry as it was getting rather late in the afternoon. Being the responsible person you are, you decided to make sure you are not too close to the main trail, hence you weaved your way through the thick undergrowth to try find the perfect spot. When you are done, you tried finding your way back to the main trail and realised that you couldn't find your direction. By then your team have gone quite some distance ahead. You tried calling out and making some noises but to no avail, and it is getting dark very quickly. You are lost! How will you react? Would you know how to survive on your own in the Bornean jungle with whatever you have with you? Fortunately, apart from your clothes and your mini-first aid kit, you do have a parang (machete), a few plain biscuits, and about 500ml of drinking water - no lighter (as you don't smoke), no hammock (already taken by your porter up ahead), no cooking utensils, no cutlery (all taken ahead with the team). What if they can't locate you for 4 days? What will you eat? What will you drink if there are no streams or rivers nearby?  How will you make a fire (you don't have a lighter)? How will you cook, if you find something to cook, as you don't have any utensils? Where will you sleep?"

This is what our Survival trips are for - to help you pick some basics of surviving our tropical rainforest - not just surviving it, but maybe even thriving, just by using whatever you find in the forest! The locals often call our jungle a "Supermarket" as it actually provides plentiful, but you do need to know what you can use and what you can't! On these tours you will get to see and practise the basics of the survival priorities - water, fire, food and shelter, apart from trying to stay safe from the elements. So, please do join us on one of our trips and have some real fun learning all these survival techniques, all in extremely safe environment.

Our lead Survival Instructor hails from Long Pa Sia, an extremely remote village located southern most of Sabah near the Indonesian border. He managed to hold the Malaysian record for the longest continuous unaided jungle trekking of 54 days! Who better to share his survival techniques with us! 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at if you need further info.

For our Jungle Survival Gallery, please click here.

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