FIRST AID COURSES > Emergency First Aid (1 day)

This 1 day course covers essential first aid skills. It is designed to give anyone the knowledge and confidence to deal with a first aid situation. It concentrates on core, first-on-scene skills, which are integral to all first aid. The course is provided through practical training and hands on scenarios.

Course content:

  • Principles of First Aid
  • Vital signs
  • Accident Procedures – essential lifesaving systems for assessing and treating unconscious casualties
  • Safe Airway Position
  • Resuscitation and choking – applying the latest protocols to deal with non-breathing casualties
  • Wounds and Bleeding – dealing with major bleeds and associated shock
  • Broken bones - an introduction to immobilising, splinting and evacuation
  • Scenarios – throughout the day we will use scenarios to put the theory into practice

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