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Climb the highest mountain in SE Asia – Mount Kinabalu at 4 101m. Mount Kinabalu, a World Heritage Site, is truly a unique mountain with amazing flora and fauna. Many of the trees and flowers are only found within Kinabalu National Park. This two day package allows you to really appreciate Kinabalu Park as a whole. Although challenging and despite the high altitude, the trek to the summit can usually be achieved by people who are not experienced hill walkers. The sun rise from the summit is out of this world and well worth the effort.


(Timings to be used as guidelines only)

Day 1 (Dinner)

Check in at the park HQ any time after 2pm. Spend the afternoon exploring the park’s botanical gardens or the many trails around the park.

Day 2 (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

After breakfast you need to take a short bus ride to the start of the summit trail. This is where the challenge begins! You then trek for 7km uphill to reach Laban Rata rest house at 3 272 metres. Although the climb is steep, if you take it slow and steady, there is still time to appreciate the unique forest landscape. If you ask your guide, he will show you some of the amazing flora and fauna including pitcher plants only found on Mount Kinabalu. The rainforest will soon become montane forest where the trees are smaller and orchids are abundant. The walk takes about four to six hours. There are many rest stops along the trail and the air is cool and refreshing. You will overnight at the rest house, where there are showers, bunk beds and a restaurant. If the weather is clear, it is a stunning place to spend the afternoon and evening.

Day 3 (early breakfast, breakfast and lunch)

After a 2am breakfast, you start climbing at about 2.30am and because of the altitude, it is a slow trek to the summit. Trekking by torch light, the path starts with a series of steps and foot ladders before reaching granite slabs. Here, roped hand-rails mark the path towards the summit. Although the terrain is steep at times, the path is easy underfoot. The sight of the sun rising over the plateau of Mount Kinabalu is like nothing else you will ever experience. The views of the Sabah jungle and out to the South China Sea is amazing. Once the sun is up, most people are ready to walk back down to Laban Rata for breakfast. After breakfast, you will trek back to the park HQ where lunch is served in the restaurant.

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